Free college that is actually FREE!

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Many complain about the high cost of college. I often read about free college. Bernie Sanders comes to mind. I like some of the principles that Bernie advocates, but exactly how many trillions of dollars will Bernie’s free college actually cost? And who will pay?

PROPOSITION: Allow adjuncts at community colleges to teach as volunteers.

There are two sides to the debate.

  • students, parents and taxpayers
  • unions, politicians and special interest groups

Which side are you on? I suggest the reader contact members of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities and ask “What do you think of this proposition as a first step?” Respectfully, demand a response.

I offer to teach “hard math,” calculus III, at any community college in Connecticut as a volunteer. Think of it as free college that is actually FREE!

Steven J. Toce of Willington is a retired engineering consultant (fiber optics) who has taught all levels of undergraduate mathematics through to Differential Equations at UConn, MCC, MxCC, NVCC, Capital CC and in Boone, IA.

What do you think?


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