No mystery to Trump-Putin relationship. It’s all about OILigarchy

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As we shake our heads and wring our hands over the obsequious behavior of President Trump at his “diplomatic” summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and try to decipher and explain such behavior, it would seem that we are probably just nurturing anxiety in full knowledge of the reason(s) for such behavior and its unspeakable implications for our country and political-economic system.

But, cutting to the chase, we all know (at least subconsciously) that underlying the strangeness of these political times, there is really no mystery — it’s all about the unholy trinity of OIL, MONEY, and POWER… (Of course! As the history of the last century would inform us… with respect, especially, to the oil…).

As we jog our memories a bit in these dizzying political times, we will see, in clear detail, the continuous geopolitical pre-eminence during (especially the post-WWII era) of the American OILigarchy and their maneuvering, in this context, to keep oil as $king$ and to control the world’s supply, directly and indirectly, in this regard…

Fast forward to post-Soviet Russia (and the huge, Russian oil reserves needing American know-how to tap) and we see the ascendancy of the Russian OILigrarchy and can observe their drooling over the prospect of a partnership with the American OILigarchy…

Fast-forward a bit more to the current decade, and recall the fantastically lucrative, potential EXXON/EXXON President Rex Tillerson deal with Russia for access to 10 billion barrels of Russian oil (plus huge natural gas reserves)… Also recall how this deal was stymied by U.S. sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine and annexation of the Crimea…

It isn’t hard to put the puzzle together from here… Enter presidential candidate Donald Trump, looking to maintain and expand his empire with desperately-needed, “no questions asked,” Russian cash, along with tremendous real-estate-development-opportunity potential (which he had recognized early-on in post-Soviet Russia) seeing facilitation of this great, potential, personal opportunity (both money and power) in terms of being the Broker-in-Chief and chief beneficiary in service of a U.S.-Russia OILigarchy partnership, and very astutely engineering such a role — by becoming POTUS (where he would be able to do such things as appoint EXXON President Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State…). (Sounds like a Jeffrey Archer novel?!)

It would seem that President Trump’s money-twisted soul recognized a great opportunity in the cultivation of a relationship with Vladimir Putin, in the context of the above scenario, and that he successfully courted the devil in this regard and hatched a plan to become POTUS with that devil’s help… (Of course, the devil always controls such deals, having the tactical advantage of being virtually free from political or moral-ethical control and oversight…)

So, here we are, with an incredibly-powerful OILigarchy partnership enjoying the ability to manipulate and control the incredibly powerful POTUS, the latter of which has few qualms about being controlled in the context of being a co-chair/beneficiary of this world-controlling OILigarchy-BOD… (Even if he’s not quite co-equal to the other pitchfork-wielding co-chair…).

But, this whole scenario is a natural outgrowth of the greed-worship launched by the Reagan administration, the latter of which apparently couldn’t see the danger, just beyond the alluring forest of $green$, as it decided to manipulate the world power structure in pursuit of U.S. corporate interests and a stronger hold on the world’s resources… Well, what they (the Reagan .dministration and its mutant continuity) accomplished was the unleashing of the unholy forces of greed in the form of the diabolical Trump-Putin partnership… The long-term implications of the maintenance of this partnership – per the ability of Donald Trump and his handlers/facilitators to remain in power, are nothing short of apocalyptic…

Obviously, it is incumbent upon the legislative and judicial branches of our government to not hesitate in invoking the Constitution in removing our rogue Commander-in-Chief from office for his oath-of-office-/Constitution-violating effrontery of our vital alliances at the recent NATO summit in the context of his accommodation of Russian violation of our political sovereignty per his intentional avoidance of addressing the forensically confirmed interference in the 2016 U.S. elections by officially-sanctioned Russian-government/Russian-military cyber operations…

Indeed, a Jeffersonian revolution might be in order at this time.

Jeff Kohut is a private consultant, tutor and writer who lives in Bridgeport.

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