Like its older sister site, The Connecticut Mirror, CT Viewpoints is a creation of The Connecticut News Project, Inc., an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization — a 501(c)(3) — developed in 2009 to reinvigorate coverage of state government, public policy and politics.

The Project’s primary goal is to ensure that the people of Connecticut are better informed about their government so they can more effectively participate in the development of public policy and hold officials accountable for addressing the state’s needs.

CT Viewpoints will offer thoughtful commentary and robust discussion of public policy issues vital to the future of the state. It evolved from the growing number of opinion pieces submitted to The Connecticut Mirror by public officials, advocacy groups and interested citizens. CT Viewpoints will bring those voices together in a single forum, separate from news coverage.

CT Viewpoints is the 21st Century evolution of the newspaper Op-Ed page, offering commentary and discussion in both traditional and new forms, including social media and video.

Its purpose remains the same, however — to engage all Connecticut residents in the civic life of the state through thoughtful opinion, vigorous debate and fresh perspectives.

Contributor policy

CT Viewpoints welcomes thoughtful, original commentary on government, public policy and politics as they affect Connecticut life. (This includes the views of Connecticut residents on national and international issues that touch their lives.) Our goal is to provide a forum for robust discussion of issues of public interest so readers can more knowledgeably vote, participate in civic affairs and hold public officials accountable.

CT Viewpoints is a publication of the non-partisan, non-profit Connecticut News Project Inc. The opinions expressed by contributors to CT Viewpoints are theirs alone and are not to be construed as those of The Connecticut News Project.  Contributors are not The Connecticut New Project’s employees, directors, officers or agents.  The Connecticut News Project does not endorse or oppose candidates for elective office, nor does it lobby in support of, or in opposition to, any public policy or legislation.

CT Viewpoints will entertain first-person position statements of candidates for elected office that focus on policy ideas and principles, but will not publish third-party endorsements for candidacies or direct appeals for support. It is our policy to offer all candidates for elective office equal opportunity for comment. The views expressed by candidates are intended for voter education and are not endorsements of, or opposition to, those views by CTViewpoints or the Connecticut Mirror.

CT Viewpoints nevertheless reserves the right to edit submissions for length and style, to limit the frequency of publication by individual authors, and the right not to publish items that in its judgment do not advance public discourse.

By submitting a Viewpoint for publication you consent to receiving our daily email newsletter.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Potential contributors can find the CTViewpoints submission portal here.