Help protect the climate and create jobs with a transportation lockbox

This November, voters will have an opportunity to ensure that Connecticut has the resources needed to modernize our transportation system.  Voting “Yes” on the Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment will protect funding for repairing our state’s roads and bridges while expanding access to public transit.  Those investments will help reduce the traffic congestion that costs commuters time and money and chokes our cities with harmful pollution.

An arbitrary metric stifles honest comparison of candidates

The notion that poll numbers should determine gubernatorial debate participation is contrary to the best interest of Connecticut voters and the use of that metric should be abandoned immediately. Political debates represent the best opportunity for candidates to meet on a level playing field. Expensive media buys, particularly television ads, offer no chance for side-by-side  comparison. Valid rebuttal only results when all candidates  can respond publicly in a singular forum.

Connecticut does not need a state-run retirement plan

Despite what’s being touted by advocates, including AARP, as a solution to a growing retirement readiness problem, the state’s controversial retirement mandate is not the answer. It’s important that residents understand the financial risks it will impart upon many Connecticut workers.

Happy Constitution Day for an apathetic citizenry

September 17 is Constitution Day. The Constitution is 231 years old. The Framers of the Constitution effectively protected us from having our rights taken away. But they never thought that we would give them away.  As countries go, the United States is one of the relative youngsters, nevertheless, our constitution is the longest lasting constitution in human history. So, Happy Birthday to the most important document in the life of every American citizen, a document which represents and embodies the freedoms that we have been enjoying for the last 240 years.

Not an anonymous coward, but a courageous patriot

The op-ed that was published in the New York Times last week confirmed what most Americans already knew – that President Donald Trump is incompetent, ignorant and dangerous. The identity of the White House official who wrote that editorial should absolutely not be named by the newspaper and should most certainly stay in the job and continue to protect our county from its worst enemy.

Catching the ‘crucial window of opportunity’ to escape opioid disorders

Opioids are insidious, and when a user expresses willingness to get help there is a small, crucial window of opportunity. That window slams shut when symptoms of withdrawal hit. Community Mental Health Affiliates, along with the Greater Hartford Harm Reduction Coalition and Beacon Pharmacy, have scheduled a naloxone (Narcan) education and free distribution event at 270 John Downey Drive, New Britain, from 5-6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 18. All are welcome.

Walking politics — a candidate is educated one front door at a time

As a first-time candidate for office, I entered the summer door-knocking marathon with skepticism. How could a brief encounter on someone’s front step change a mind or solidify a vote? Now, with several months behind me and thousands of doors “hit,” I have learned that the greatest value in door-knocking comes from what you hear, not what you say. It is, in fact, the best way to get to know what’s on people’s minds. And it can help dispel the justifiable suspicion with which many people regard politicians.

A Trump Administration progress report

Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration I thought that the true test of the Trump administration will be on how much it could deliver. If President Trump could just deliver on a third of his promises, it would be a successful presidency. Batting .333 is good in any league. I hoped that commentators would begin to focus on what the Trump administration actually does, and not what Donald Trump had done in his past or what they fear he will do in the future. Little did I realize how hard it would be to find out what the Trump administration has actually accomplished.

Thanks, Mr. President, for the lobster!

The economy has improved since President Trump has taken office. Black unemployment is the lowest ever, Hispanic unemployment is the lowest in decades.  The growth of the economy which is measured by GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is 4.1 percent the highest it has been in several years. All of these economic indicators nationally are directly affecting the Connecticut economy in a positive way.

Tax avoidance by part-time residence is costing us

The Connecticut income tax is, as it should be, an important subject for the gubernatorial candidates to discuss and to describe their preferences, e.g., repeal, modify, nothing. One item that is not being discussed is the fact that Connecticut residents — I don’t know how many or much is involved — are able to avoid paying any Connecticut income tax by declaring residency in another state — Florida, for example, that does not have an income tax.

The Bells of Balangiga are going home!

The Bells of Balangiga are going home!** The announcement by Secretary of Defense Mattis about the bells last Friday, on the eve of the last weekend before the most exciting statewide primary elections in some time, was overshadowed by last minute local campaign media blitz and political punditry.
All across Connecticut, chances are you never heard or read about this news, and if you saw it, you probably could have cared even less about it.