Op-Ed: School shootings are no reason to attack home schooling

School shootings are tragedies and should be mourned, not politicized. Unfortunately, leaders in the two old parties seem unable to comprehend this basic truth. 

A bipartisan committee, appointed by leaders in both old parties, has decided that the Sandy Hook shooting is an opportunity to attack home schoolers and the rights of families. 

Raising and educating your own children is a right, not a privilege; yet the commission suggests requiring the state’s approval to educate your own children, and that this approval be revoked at the state’s discretion. Home schooling is not the cause of school shootings, and your children are not the property of the state.  This is only understood by the Libertarian Party, not the intellectually bankrupt older parties.

Op-Ed: Connecticut, a Jim Crow state?

All of Connecticut’s children are harmed by the narrow and inappropriate content of the Common Core Standards, but children of color are hurt most of all. Connecticut should reject reject this misguided “reform” and foster real growth and real learning among its young.