Op-Ed: Withdraw from the Common Core

Current education policy, which started with No Child Left Behind, then went into overdrive with Race to the Top and now Common Core and SBAC testing, has turned our schools into test prep factories, sucking the joy out of teaching and learning.

Op-Ed: Connecticut’s DCF can do better for kids who ‘opt out’

Many young adults in Connecticut foster care decline to continue receiving services from a system they view as oppressive because they are desperate for freedom and family. The Department of Children and Families has better options than leaving them potentially homeless and unprepared for adult life.

Op-Ed: Tax the big businesses that won’t pay Connecticut workers a living wage

If you work a full-time job in Connecticut, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, you should be able to afford the basics you need to live – housing, enough to eat, heat, transportation to work, and a little savings. But every day there are people, mothers, fathers, and grandparents, who work 40 hours a week for some of the wealthiest corporations in this country – Walmart, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts to name a few – and still live in poverty.

Op-Ed: Labor Day — a holiday created for Connecticut workers

My grandmother Nellie Grace arrived in Boston from Ireland in 1909.  On the ship manifest she was described as a domestic servant.  Many people’s relations have come from similarly humble beginnings.  The fabric of Connecticut history is made of many threads, spun from the sweat and blood of working men and women.  It’s a shame that we are often not aware of the economic hardships and workplace struggles they endured, for the story of Labor is the story of our families. Labor Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on our roots.  It’s also a good time to learn how Connecticut workers first celebrated a holiday created especially for them.

Op-Ed: Connecticut must identify and help its many homeless children

Central to the mission at Partnership for Strong Communities is to build the political and civic will to prevent and end homelessness. As such, in 2013, the Partnership’s Reaching Home Campaign, partnered with Yale University and the Center for Children’s Advocacy to publish “Invisible No More,” the state’s first-ever comprehensive look at youth homelessness.

Op-Ed: Public hearings DO matter in insurance rate reviews

Thanks for your recent article “Do public hearings influence what health insurance costs?”  Given that Connecticut has the fourth highest healthcare costs and health insurance rates in the US, this is an especially important question for all of us. As leaders in CONECT (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut), we have argued for public hearings as part of the rate review process for a number of years.