Op-Ed: New commuter busway will bring better access to food

Many people have been talking about the great things that CTFastrak, Connecticut’s commuter busway, will bring to local communities when it’s up and running in early 2015.   Better commutes, less reliance on cars, fast and convenient transportation is all great news for our community.  But for many, CTFastrak will open up a much more important and basic opportunity — the opportunity to purchase food.

Op-Ed: The need for a trauma-informed ministry

Society can benefit from a trauma-informed ministry that brings to bear upon those suffering from trauma the wisdom, insights and resources of their religious faith and uses these cultural attributes for the sufferer’s benefit.

Op-Ed: Let’s have state-funded pre-school for all Connecticut children

Early childhood education, in the form of a preschool or pre-kindergarten program, is one of the key building blocks for a successful progression for students through the educational system, and developing into successful adults within their chosen career path. While not essential, it does provide many key stepping stones, including often times a child’s first interaction with peers, a gradual transition into a classroom setting, a fundamental understanding of rules and order, and lastly and most importantly, many of the key educational concepts.

Op-Ed: Interfaith efforts teach tolerance, both global and local

Conscientious people in Connecticut and elsewhere– from the Ahmadiyya to the Anti-Defamation League, from the Latino-Jewish Dialogue to the Jewish-Muslim Community Dialogue and the Interfaith Youth Core — are working to advance understanding and peace. Let’s join them, or launch our own such endeavors – individually and institutionally.