Op-Ed: Interfaith efforts teach tolerance, both global and local

Conscientious people in Connecticut and elsewhere– from the Ahmadiyya to the Anti-Defamation League, from the Latino-Jewish Dialogue to the Jewish-Muslim Community Dialogue and the Interfaith Youth Core — are working to advance understanding and peace. Let’s join them, or launch our own such endeavors – individually and institutionally.

Op-Ed: Connecting more people to work in Greater New Haven

Many Connecticut residents, particularly those who identify as racial or ethnic minorities or who live in historically-disadvantaged neighborhoods, face astonishingly high unemployment rates. In New Haven, unemployment ranges from 3 percent in high-income neighborhoods such as Westville and East Rock, to 20 percent in low- income neighborhoods such as Dixwell, Newhallville, and the Hill — and “underemployment” rates are often twice these figures.