Advice for would-be candidates — from a candidate

An open letter to anyone thinking about running for office: My name is Micah Welintukonis. I was medically retired from the Army almost two years ago after being shot, then subsequently taking a direct hit from a suicide bomber on July 9, 2012. Some of the injuries I sustained were over two dozen pieces of shrapnel in my left arm, shrapnel in my abdomen and face, and a mild concussion. I was awarded the Purple Heart, the Army Commendation with Valor, and the Combat Medic Badge for my actions that day. I am running as an unaffiliated candidate for governor of Connecticut.

Dems voted against McDonald, too, but it’s crickets from Senator Duff

Earlier this month, State Sen. Bob Duff of Norwalk made statements that offended me and many other Connecticut residents who are fed up with divisive Washington-style electioneering that’s ripping apart this country. Duff, Democrat majority leader at the statehouse, said Republicans are “anti-gay” if they aren’t supporting Gov. Dannel Malloy’s nominee for Chief Justice of the state’s Supreme Court.

A way to cure Connecticut’s ‘fiscal cancer’

The Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth Commission has issued its report. It recommends proposed net tax and toll increases, tax reform, aspirational but unspecified spending cuts, and no changes to the SEBAC agreement until 2027. Now that the report has been issued, it seems appropriate to compare it to my previously submitted recommendations. Connecticut’s problem is fairly simple. Gov. Dan Malloy and his Democratic allies have raised taxes, increased regulation, adopted such an anti-business approach, and promised such generous retirement benefits to state workers that revenues are declining, recurring deficits are normal, and economic growth is anemic as Connecticut businesses and families flee the state.

Time to break Connecticut’s ‘steady habits’ and make some progress

I am running for state representative in the 18th district of West Hartford because I feel a sense of urgency to improve our state economy and our society. In order to fix our state we need leaders who are willing to buck tradition and embrace fresh ideas. My campaign is focused squarely on the leadership at the CGA, leadership in the Democratic Party, and leadership by women.

Sovereign immunity and Connecticut’s pension obligations

For those who have been following its economic and tax fortunes, Connecticut has been lagging behind other states and has a millstone of unfunded pension liabilities around its neck. Depending on whom you ask, the unfunded pension liabilities for the State Employee Retirement System and the Teacher’s Retirement Fund are $39 billion, if government standards are applied, they are in excess of $100 billion if private sector accounting standards are applied. While Connecticut has contributed more to these pensions in the last few years, Connecticut at the same time has been losing population; seen more capital and high earners leave the state than enter the state; and the budget shortfalls continue unabated.

The state of the state? ‘Broken’

The state of the State of Connecticut is broken. Our state is in dire need of repair by a professional problem solver and not politicians. Dan Malloy’s only plan is to raise taxes and increase regulation. It’s no surprise that he didn’t talk about higher taxes today because it is unacceptable. For seven years Dan Malloy has raised taxes and increased regulation while jobs and businesses have left the state and the state’s deficit has skyrocketed.

Why I am running a primary against Rosa DeLauro

I am a Democrat. I believe in progressive values. So, the big question is, why challenge Rosa DeLauro in this year’s Democratic Primary?
The answer is an easy one.
Millennials reading this should take note of this fact: Rosa DeLauro has served longer than you have probably been alive.
We are in a time of transition. I regard this race not so much as an election to challenge an incumbent, but rather as one to offer voters a progressive alternative — one with a proven track record, vision, energy, and fresh ideas.

Taking a stand for Connecticut taxpayers

A good number of people across the country will see some tax relief in the New Year. Unfortunately, the new federal tax law will have a big impact on many of Connecticut taxpayers because of the loss of state and local tax (SALT) deductions from federal income tax returns. Connecticut taxpayers deduct $19,700 on average, second only to New York. Meanwhile, for every dollar Connecticut taxpayers send to Washington, we already only get back about 79 cents.

Democrats need an untraditional candidate

Leftists will not initially like me; but Democrats need someone untraditional. Mark my words.  Progressivism will not survive six more years unless it dramatically changes.  Progressives will not have Donald Trump on any ballot in 2024.  The leftists may see a brief electoral surge based on “odious Trump.” But once he’s out of the picture, leftism will be an electoral disaster. It already has some disastrous traits.  Leftism brought on Trump.  Outside of a few progressive enclaves, the American public does NOT embrace a leftist agenda.

In Farmington, buildings don’t teach, teachers do

I wanted to reveal how one governor candidate, I, decided on a vote what may have been tangentially important to you: the Farmington High School rebuild. [Last June, Farmington voters rejected a $135 million renovation to their high school by a margin of nearly two to one: 2,411 in favor to 5,029 opposed. — Ed] At an estimated $138 million for a building, it was a mis-prioritization.  I believe strongly in education — I’ve worked with private and public schools for almost 20 years — but look what $138 million alternately buys for our students:…

Marijuana: An issue we can solve

We must legalize recreational marijuana in Connecticut. It’s time our state joins the forward thinking people of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont to put an end to this modern day prohibition.