Marijuana is bad, but let’s legalize it anyway

I don’t smoke pot. Never did (OK, five times—literally). So I don’t have (much) skin in the debate over legalizing marijuana. But I have been thinking about questions that could guide the debate. These questions aren’t about drug control, per se, but about the proper role of the government in regulating trade, morality and public health.

The ‘open carry’ debate is about privacy, not guns

Granting police the power to ask to see open carry permits from gun owners may not violate the Second Amendment, but it might violate the Fourth Amendment, the right to privacy. You have the right to conduct business without agents of the government asking to see your papers.

The partisan pity parties need to stop

Our state representatives and senators are supposed to represent our best interests, and advocate for what their communities need to thrive and prosper. But lately, I’ve seen our state leaders play a partisan blame game, crying foul when one party doesn’t invite them to a press conference, or claiming they don’t know anything about bills that their own party peers are cosponsoring. This. Has. To. Stop.

Dominion spokesman: Bill will result in lower energy prices

Connecticut has the highest retail electricity prices in the nation, but a proposed law working its way through the legislature this session will help change that. Among other things, the bill would allow Dominion Resources, the owners of the Millstone nuclear power station in Waterford, to sell its carbon-free power directly to customers through their utility company. Under the existing system, power from Millstone is sold first into regional wholesale energy markets before it makes its way to your home. The proposed law, which has wide bipartisan support in the legislature, eliminates the middleman and will lower prices by getting power directly to you the end user.

Make no mistake, Dominion’s electric rate plan would boost rates

Dominion Resources Inc. is trying to convince us that Connecticut ratepayers will somehow save money by paying higher prices for the power Millstone provides to the electrical grid. In his March 7 letter, a spokesman for the private company that owns the Millstone Nuclear plant takes various steps to hide an obvious fact: Dominion is seeking higher selling prices for the power they produce, higher prices that will ultimately come out of ratepayer pockets.

GOP lust to defund Planned Parenthood could exact heavy price

With the election of a Republican president and control of the U.S. Congress by Republicans, you’d think Planned Parenthood is in trouble. Defunding the reproductive health organization has been for years a rallying cry among Republicans, especially Christian conservatives opposed to abortion. With the GOP now in power, it would seem the tide has finally turned. It hasn’t. In fact, Planned Parenthood has the advantage.

Legislators, leave the pharmaceutical industry alone

While no one can argue with the need to reign in healthcare spending, doing so by trying to tamper with the free marketplace could be harmful to Connecticut’s economy. Efforts to force the pharmaceutical industry through unprecedented, egregious regulations will do nothing to help patient’s pocketbooks and more to harm the industry as a whole, an industry that employs thousands of high paying jobs in our state.

High times? A new low for Connecticut

…Legalizing marijuana for “recreation” is a draconian shift in public policy and a shock to our social mores and societal health. Legalized marijuana will indelibly change Connecticut; the state will become a different place, coarser and with a more ambiguous future. Many people who would otherwise avoid this drug will use it. And why not? It will be marketed as exciting and essentially harmless. Even though legalization would be intended for adults, barriers would be porous and easily breached. And the message that legalization sends, both insidious and hypocritical, would not be lost on the young. They will get it, consume it and use will spike. And then …