Connecticut must lead the way on universal healthcare

Affordable, quality health care can’t become a luxury: it’s a fundamental need, and access to it must become a fundamental right. Creating a single-payer system is the most effective way to guarantee access to healthcare for every person. … It’s time for Congress to advance a public healthcare system that provides every American — and all 3.6 million Connecticut residents — with affordable, quality healthcare. If Congress refuses to do it in Washington, it’s up to us to do it here in Connecticut.

Feeling lost in the time of Trump

I was raised by lifelong Republican parents who always told us to respect all people no matter what they look like. They were challenged in their beliefs as their daughters fell in love with men of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Until now, I believed the majority of Americans also held these values, even if our politics were different. This election has shaken those beliefs.

Office of Early Childhood merger takes us back, not forward

It is troubling that several of the budget proposals floating around the State Capitol call for the merger of the Office of Early Childhood into the State Department of Education. It was just three years ago that we finally brought together services touching families with young children from five different agencies into one stand-alone Office of Early Childhood, under the direction of a commissioner. 

To fix Connecticut’s state budget, tax the rich!

Summer jobs for teenagers have been canceled, state college and university charges keep rising, and every area of public life is affected by the state’s budget crisis — all in the second wealthiest state in the country, with the second highest level of inequality. Connecticut’s budget shortfall is projected at about $2 billion per year. Yet, the wealthiest residents face a lower effective tax rate than the rest of us, and hundreds of millions are lost every year through corporate loopholes, special exemptions, legal tax avoidance, and outright tax evasion. If the wealthiest households paid at the same rate as the rest of us, more than $2 billion per year would be raised, erasing the deficit!

Don’t buy Dominion Energy’s high-priced Millstone spin

Don’t buy the high-priced spin from Dominion Energy about the Millstone nuclear power plant they own. The plant is not in eminent danger of closing and does not need a Connecticut only ratepayer-funded subsidy. There is no doubt that Millstone is an important asset in Connecticut that employees many hardworking residents and represents over half of energy generated here. However, according to a recent MIT study it is the most profitable of the more than 60 operating nuclear plants in the United States.

Attacking the Citizens’ Election Program equals attacking democracy

Connecticut Republicans are again demonstrating a total lack of interest in the integrity of our elections, from the top of the party all the way down. Voter suppression, foreign interference, and false voter fraud accusations dominate the national Republican Party’s outlook on democracy in our nation, and Connecticut Republicans mirror these assaults on our democracy with their own. Attacking the Citizens’ Election Program is nothing short of attacking basic democratic values.

Arrogance, disdain and an unprecedented failure to lead

As the calendar turned from June to July last week, the legislature, controlled by Democrats, failed to accomplish the single most important job it had this session – drafting, negotiating, and calling the legislature back into session to debate, and eventually vote on a two-year state budget. Instead, the Democratic leadership ignored the zero-tax increase balanced budget prepared by the Republicans and chose to relinquish its duty to the governor, who now must run the state by executive order – a chilling proposition for towns, school districts, and core government services.