Sen. Blumenthal’s hypocrisy is stunning

Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s call for a special prosecutor to investigate connections between President Donald Trump and the Russian government is a wonderful display of how two-faced and highly partisan our elected senator really is.

The clock is ticking on sensible state budget reform

I read with great interest Keith Phaneuf’s recent series on Connecticut’s serious budget challenges. He is clearly the best journalist on this subject in our state. Last month I watched Gov. Dannel Malloy’s budget speech from the floor of the State House. The governor’s budget has already resulted in significant discussion and debate. Three of his key and controversial proposals deserve comment. Connecticut has waited far too long to address them. It’s not a matter of if related changes will be made, it’s really a matter of when, how and by whom. The clock is ticking and time is not working in our favor.

GOP lust to defund Planned Parenthood could exact heavy price

With the election of a Republican president and control of the U.S. Congress by Republicans, you’d think Planned Parenthood is in trouble. Defunding the reproductive health organization has been for years a rallying cry among Republicans, especially Christian conservatives opposed to abortion. With the GOP now in power, it would seem the tide has finally turned. It hasn’t. In fact, Planned Parenthood has the advantage.

DeStefano poisons public opinion, betrays agents, by calling ICE ‘jerks’

I am writing in response to a recent article that appeared in the New Haven Independent and was then reprinted by the CT Mirror. The article was entitled “Ex-Mayor: ICE Raids in Immigrant Friendly New Haven Likely Again.” In the article, former Mayor John DeStefano was quoted as stating in a presentation at Yale University that “The federal government is going to do exactly what those jerks did in Fair Haven.” The “jerks” he was referring to were federal immigration officers. After serving as an FBI special agent for 23 years, and working with ICE agents in numerous cases, I want to object to Mayor DeStefano’s use of the word “jerks” in describing these officers.

President Trump is taking witchcraft threats seriously

Liberals wake up every day with a recurring nightmare: Donald Trump is President of the United States. But then they turn on the television, look on their computer or pick up a newspaper and see that it’s true! Then they go to bed, hoping the bad dream won’t recur. But when they wake up; there he is again. What to do?

High times? A new low for Connecticut

…Legalizing marijuana for “recreation” is a draconian shift in public policy and a shock to our social mores and societal health. Legalized marijuana will indelibly change Connecticut; the state will become a different place, coarser and with a more ambiguous future. Many people who would otherwise avoid this drug will use it. And why not? It will be marketed as exciting and essentially harmless. Even though legalization would be intended for adults, barriers would be porous and easily breached. And the message that legalization sends, both insidious and hypocritical, would not be lost on the young. They will get it, consume it and use will spike. And then …

The sanctuary cities debate is about to get crazier

When I saw the news, the first thing that came to mind was: Oh, great. Here come the raging maniacs who know nothing about sanctuary cities but nonetheless demand that President Trump do something about them.

Join the movement: One person, one vote

Reform the Electoral College so the electoral vote reflects the nationwide popular vote for President. Many believe we are a democratic country, maybe even the top democracy in the world, but the United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic. And as of last month, The Democracy Index Report (issued annually by The Economist, Intelligence Unit) has demoted the U.S. to a “flawed democracy.” It’s time to reform the election system for president so that our votes here in Connecticut matter.

President Trump on the road to impeachment

President Trump’s presidency of, now, about 45 days or so has distinguished itself by scandal after scandal. One, ultimately, will do Trump in: his and his staff’s secret involvement with the Russians and, in particular, Russian intelligence operatives. I have no doubt that Russian involvement in the presidential election was enough to change its outcome. This is, without a doubt, the equivalent or far more then Nixon’s Watergate.

CT No. 4 nationally in use of evidence-based policy-making

Evidence-based policy-making is not inherently the most exciting topic of conversation. While the practice is known to be effective by allowing for increased data driven investment in the most cost-effective programs and ultimately improving the outcomes of taxpayer funded programs, the successes do not get headline coverage the way flashy, new government programs do. Connecticut ranks fourth highest for use of evidence-driven policy-making, according to one report.

Pistol permit fee increase is blatant attempt to limit gun ownership

Regarding Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposed 2-year state budget and his plans to close the budget gap: One of his proposals is to increase the initial pistol permit fee from $140 to $370 – a 264 percent increase, and to increase the 5-year renewal fee for permit holders from $70 to $300 – a 428 percent increase. Make no mistake about it, this proposal that is squarely directed at gun owners is a blatant attempt to limit gun ownership by making it prohibitively expensive to do so, while claiming the need for more revenue to fill the gaping budget hole.