Dominion Resources needs no special deal at consumers’ expense

Connecticut legislators are currently considering legislation, Senate Bill 106, that would allow Virginia-based Dominion Resources, the company that owns the Millstone Nuclear Power Station, to bid for long-term energy contracts alongside renewable energy generators. In effect, this legislation will provide a multi-million dollar special deal to Dominion paid for by Connecticut residents.

Cuts to senior citizen programs don’t just hurt seniors

Supporting seniors at home is not just a senior issue, it’s an inter-generational one. As a college student —and family caregiver for my grandmother— I am deeply concerned about the governor’s budget cuts that make it harder for older adults to age with dignity at home.

Suzio, Linares bills on electoral vote put party above country

I am concerned about two bills proposed in the Connecticut General Assembly; SB 108 introduced by Sen. Len Suzio, 13th District, and SB 133, introduced by Sen. Art Linares, 33rd District. These bills would change how Connecticut awards its Electoral College votes to presidential candidates.

As online shopping grows, a sales tax hike becomes less viable

There are two universal truths to bear in mind as legislators in the Connecticut General Assembly negotiate the next fiscal-year budget. One is that every line of every budget of every government in human history has had a constituent. The other is that politicians are like water. They follow the path of least resistance. In the case of the governor’s proposed budget, Gov. Dannel Malloy wants spending cuts. He does not want to hear the word “tax” after having raised revenues twice in six years. But since every budget line has a constituent, and since constituents have a habit of opposing elected officials who take something away from said constituents, elected officials almost always try to find ways to punt.

America, let’s meet in the middle for a change

We may not agree on everything, you and I, but we don’t disagree on everything, either. We should expect nothing less from our esteemed representatives: they should meet in the middle and get stuff done or take their hard-earned government pensions and scurry back to the private sector.

Connecticut legislature must act on bill to repeal gas pipeline tax

Utilities want consumers to foot the bill for new pipelines through a surcharge on our bills – a pipeline tax. The scheme was rejected by Massachusetts’ highest court and by New Hampshire public utilities regulators. Here in Connecticut, the pipeline tax is alive and well. That’s why the Citizens Campaign for the Environment, the CT Fund for the Environment and Sierra Club support a bill introduced by state Rep. Christopher Rosario, D-Bridgeport, to ban such a tax.

Marijuana is bad, but let’s legalize it anyway

I don’t smoke pot. Never did (OK, five times—literally). So I don’t have (much) skin in the debate over legalizing marijuana. But I have been thinking about questions that could guide the debate. These questions aren’t about drug control, per se, but about the proper role of the government in regulating trade, morality and public health.

Trump is the real ‘enemy of the people’

President Trump is the real “enemy of the people.” All of us must remain focused on the federal investigation and the probability that Trump and his campaign team colluded with the Russians to affect our last election and that he and his cohorts made some kind of nefarious deal. This has been denied directly by Trump and his associates. When the truth is out for all to see, what will we, as a nation, do about President Trump? I believe that Republicans will have no choice by to initiate impeachment proceedings. Trump will be impeached and that is the legal and appropriate way to go.