Democrats need an untraditional candidate

Leftists will not initially like me; but Democrats need someone untraditional. Mark my words.  Progressivism will not survive six more years unless it dramatically changes.  Progressives will not have Donald Trump on any ballot in 2024.  The leftists may see a brief electoral surge based on “odious Trump.” But once he’s out of the picture, leftism will be an electoral disaster. It already has some disastrous traits.  Leftism brought on Trump.  Outside of a few progressive enclaves, the American public does NOT embrace a leftist agenda.

In Farmington, buildings don’t teach, teachers do

I wanted to reveal how one governor candidate, I, decided on a vote what may have been tangentially important to you: the Farmington High School rebuild. [Last June, Farmington voters rejected a $135 million renovation to their high school by a margin of nearly two to one: 2,411 in favor to 5,029 opposed. — Ed] At an estimated $138 million for a building, it was a mis-prioritization.  I believe strongly in education — I’ve worked with private and public schools for almost 20 years — but look what $138 million alternately buys for our students:…

Profits for business makes for lousy public policy

We are now officially a Kleptocracy (from Greek κλέπτης kléptēs, “thief”, κλέπτω kléptō, “I steal”, and -κρατία -kratía from κράτος krátos, “power, rule”): A government with corrupt rulers (kleptocrats) that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources in order to extend their personal wealth and political power on behalf of the elite. It is systematic, state-sanctioned corruption just like Putin and Russia’s oligarchs; a criminal racket instead of a legitimate provider of public services.

Connecticut is in a federal tax hole. Stop digging.

Republicans in Congress are about to pass the Trump tax bill, which hammers Connecticut. Our state is already getting cheated by the federal government, sending over $2,700 per resident to Washington more than we receive back. The Trump tax bill adds another $800 net loss per resident, money sent to D.C. which we never see again. We are in a hole; stop digging.

Republicans, help the middle class! Raise taxes on the super rich!

Republicans have a unique opportunity to be the dominant party for the next generation by addressing a gnawing problem in American society – the ability of the super rich to manipulate the political process for their own greed. The media concentrate on the top 1 percent, those who make comfortable six-figure incomes. But these individuals are not the problem. It is the top 0.01 percent, a class of super wealthy gods – those with a net worth in the hundreds of millions or billions – who use their economic and political leverage to distort the market place.

Marijuana: An issue we can solve

We must legalize recreational marijuana in Connecticut. It’s time our state joins the forward thinking people of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont to put an end to this modern day prohibition.

A new window into Connecticut’s finances

Between shrinking revenues from taxes, the continued growth of fixed costs (including long-term pension and debt obligations), and declining bond ratings, Connecticut faces a multitude of fiscal challenges that could pose problems to the state’s financial and economic health for decades if not addressed. However, to properly address these challenges we must first understand them and know what problems our state must solve. This starts with understanding the data. …[This is] what led us to develop, and officially launch this week, a new, interactive website ( devoted to providing an in-depth, yet easy-to-understand, look into many of the fiscal challenges that Connecticut faces.

The XL Center bonds — a $40 million waste of Connecticut’s money

Most of us understood all along that a state which cannot meet its obligations ought not to borrow hundreds of millions more to renovate a failed and decrepit downtown arena. Unfortunately, a few of the folks who still don’t get it are on the state Bond Commission, and (at the governor’s behest) will vote today to borrow another $40 million to begin the XL face-lift.

Is CT-N’s ‘legislative-coverage-only’ policy legal?

After a week of reruns, CT-N is back on the air [as of yesterday] after the Office of Legislative Management hired some former employees of the Connecticut Public Affairs Network (CPAN), the non-profit that operated CT-N since 1999.  Legislative leadership says that CT-N, which is operating under a radically reduced budget, will focus its cameras on the General Assembly, largely to the exclusion of the executive and judicial branches.  Leadership says that this narrow focus is consistent with CT-N’s original mission.  But as Christine Stuart reports on CT News Junkie, leadership’s understanding of CT-N’s original mission is just plain wrong.  Coverage of all three branches of state government was always part of CT-N’s mission.

A new wave of activism pushing for progressive policies

A year ago, Democrats across the nation were disheartened by the election of Donald Trump. It was a blow to our efforts to pass the progressive policies that would create more good jobs, improve education, protect civil rights and expand access to affordable health care. But out of that electoral disaster was born a new wave of activism that refuses to be cowed by the terrible policies being pushed in Washington.

Veterans must be part of Connecticut’s economic recovery and growth

Connecticut Veterans are smart, highly trained, hard-working, dedicated, and team-oriented leaders who are comfortable in changing and dynamic environments.  Successfully reintegrated Veteran create economic, political, and social capital in our communities.  As we celebrate Veterans Day, let us remember they are national assets and an important part of restoring Connecticut opportunity and launching our great state’s economy on an upward trajectory.

Murphy needs a chaperone when traveling outside the U.S.

Chris Murphy cannot be trusted, here or abroad, because he puts his own political interests ahead of America. The freshmen Senator from Connecticut needs a chaperone. Chris Murphy just traveled alone to Estonia and Ukraine – two NATO allies. Sen. Ron Johnson (R) could not make the trip. Unfortunately Sen. Murphy took his partisan baggage with him and chose not to stand up for American interests but instead he openly embraced criticism of our country and policies. Standing up for America is not in Chris Murphy’s DNA.