Candidates for governor: Support elimination of the Board of Regents

It is now apparent to anyone paying attention that the Board of Regents for Higher Education (BOR) is a bloated failure that has not addressed, let alone solved, the very real challenges facing Connecticut’s community colleges and state universities. After seven years and $250 million taxpayer dollars it has achieved nothing unless you count a succession of failed and worse presidents, forfeited opportunities and blatantly political staff selections, right up to the current life boating of OPM appointee Ben Barnes.

More methane from Bizarro President

What do Americans want? Is it a good five-cent cigar or a chicken in every pot? More cowbell? Hard to say, but what we’re going to get, courtesy of our Bizarro President, is more methane. Whoopee, extra methane! Tell the children and grandchildren. You remember Bizarro Superman from DC Comics. He was the polar opposite of the Man of Steel. Superman was good; his breath was super cold; and his X-ray vision could see through anything but lead. Conversely, his Bizarro mirror image was bad —with hot breath and X-Ray vision that could only see through lead.
President Biazarro, in his administration’s fourth major rollback of environmental regulations this year, is making it easier for oil and gas drillers on federal and tribal land to let methane escape into the warming air we breath.

Change the candidate debate format

Watching the most recent debate between the candidates for Connecticut’s next governor, CTMirror reported that there were a “few zingers” but little substance. The audience, although frequently admonished, added to the casual atmosphere, creating the feeling that we were attending an entertainment event rather than a political debate, by hooting, whistling, and applauding. Let’s face it, debates are forums in which each candidate tries to get the best, as the CTMirror puts it, “zingers” and hammer home one point whether it is factual or impactful or not.

Connecticut requires a governor committed to education

Congratulations to each gubernatorial candidate on gaining a place on the November ballot. The next governor will encounter many fiscal, structural, and social challenges in the state of Connecticut. In nearly every government sector, from social services to transportation to economic development, you will be faced with a series of challenges and decisions that will define your leadership as governor. I have listened intently to your campaign and debate commentary. Notably missing in your respective platforms has been any reference to education. The purpose of this letter is to inspire you to adopt education and educational attainment as the most important asset that any state governor can endorse.

Workers want the Connecticut Retirement Security Program

Despite misleading claims by opponents, including CBIA, the Connecticut Retirement Security Program (CRSP) is not a state-run retirement plan. In fact it is a private sector solution to a growing retirement savings crisis.  Employees who invest in these voluntary and privately-run portable Roth IRA plans face no more risk than any other IRA investor, which includes me and, I am sure, many CBIA staff and business owners.

Help protect the climate and create jobs with a transportation lockbox

This November, voters will have an opportunity to ensure that Connecticut has the resources needed to modernize our transportation system.  Voting “Yes” on the Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment will protect funding for repairing our state’s roads and bridges while expanding access to public transit.  Those investments will help reduce the traffic congestion that costs commuters time and money and chokes our cities with harmful pollution.

An arbitrary metric stifles honest comparison of candidates

The notion that poll numbers should determine gubernatorial debate participation is contrary to the best interest of Connecticut voters and the use of that metric should be abandoned immediately. Political debates represent the best opportunity for candidates to meet on a level playing field. Expensive media buys, particularly television ads, offer no chance for side-by-side  comparison. Valid rebuttal only results when all candidates  can respond publicly in a singular forum.

Happy Constitution Day for an apathetic citizenry

September 17 is Constitution Day. The Constitution is 231 years old. The Framers of the Constitution effectively protected us from having our rights taken away. But they never thought that we would give them away.  As countries go, the United States is one of the relative youngsters, nevertheless, our constitution is the longest lasting constitution in human history. So, Happy Birthday to the most important document in the life of every American citizen, a document which represents and embodies the freedoms that we have been enjoying for the last 240 years.

Not an anonymous coward, but a courageous patriot

The op-ed that was published in the New York Times last week confirmed what most Americans already knew – that President Donald Trump is incompetent, ignorant and dangerous. The identity of the White House official who wrote that editorial should absolutely not be named by the newspaper and should most certainly stay in the job and continue to protect our county from its worst enemy.

Can our would-be governors answer three critical questions?

Based on our experience as municipal elected officials, we’d like to pose three critical questions to Connecticut’s gubernatorial candidates, inviting their public response. State residents will be directly affected by your actions, and they deserve to understand what you would do as governor.

Making Americans great voters again

Colonial Americans celebrated voting because it was new and radical. How do we recapture that enthusiasm for the revolutionary act of voting? We can start by making Election Day fun again, a national holiday that embraces consumerism as well as the commonweal.