Climate change is also a public health issue in the Northeast

We are encouraged by Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s efforts to fight climate change head on, but we need all decision makers to also recognize that climate change is an urgent threat to public health. Our politicians, from President Trump on down, should note that climate change is not an issue relegated to environmentalists anymore. It’s now a primary concern for health professionals, parents, educators and all responsible citizens who believe they have the right to breathe clean air.

Take a springtime hike, America. (It’ll do us all good.)

The most compelling argument against environmental ennui and illiteracy is that spaceship earth is in trouble. If more of us don’t appreciate and understand it better, our planet will continue to decline at an alarming pace. We have long abused it to feather our own nests at the expense of other creatures we share the planet with. But our day is coming —if not our children’s, then our grandchildren’s— when our species, too, will be squarely in the crosshairs of a failing global ecosystem. We Americans have taken a giant step in the wrong direction by electing a president who loves fossil fuels, hates wind power and pollution regulations, and whose idea of a natural habitat is a golf course.

‘TrumpCare’ breaks fundamental promises to Trump’s own supporters

“We’re going to have insurance for everybody.” That’s what President Trump promised less than two months ago. Unfortunately, with the release of the long-awaited TrumpCare plan, it has become clear that the president lied to us. Worse, this proposal will hurt most the millions of our fellow Americans who made clear by supporting Trump’s campaign that they felt left behind.

Sen. Blumenthal’s hypocrisy is stunning

Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s call for a special prosecutor to investigate connections between President Donald Trump and the Russian government is a wonderful display of how two-faced and highly partisan our elected senator really is.

This is why I protest. This is why I must.

Last night my brother asked me why I was protesting, what was my goal. I answered, but my answer was incomplete. I said something about impeachment and then something about reversing the tide with the mid-term elections. What I should have said was that I can’t not do this. And here’s why:

GOP lust to defund Planned Parenthood could exact heavy price

With the election of a Republican president and control of the U.S. Congress by Republicans, you’d think Planned Parenthood is in trouble. Defunding the reproductive health organization has been for years a rallying cry among Republicans, especially Christian conservatives opposed to abortion. With the GOP now in power, it would seem the tide has finally turned. It hasn’t. In fact, Planned Parenthood has the advantage.

President Trump is taking witchcraft threats seriously

Liberals wake up every day with a recurring nightmare: Donald Trump is President of the United States. But then they turn on the television, look on their computer or pick up a newspaper and see that it’s true! Then they go to bed, hoping the bad dream won’t recur. But when they wake up; there he is again. What to do?

Community college agenda: The endgame is a fair chance society

The American Association of Community College’s “Community College Agenda for the Trump Administration” is a blueprint for implementation of critical national higher education policy priorities, touching on needs regarding financial support, infrastructure investment and regulatory issues from a national policy perspective. In the recently released document, the AACC presents a vision of “how the federal government can help community colleges fulfill their mission of building a stronger America.” This vision resonates within Connecticut as well. I’d like to personalize that perspective to help underscore how investment in Connecticut’s community colleges helps secure the future of our state.

The sanctuary cities debate is about to get crazier

When I saw the news, the first thing that came to mind was: Oh, great. Here come the raging maniacs who know nothing about sanctuary cities but nonetheless demand that President Trump do something about them.

President Trump on the road to impeachment

President Trump’s presidency of, now, about 45 days or so has distinguished itself by scandal after scandal. One, ultimately, will do Trump in: his and his staff’s secret involvement with the Russians and, in particular, Russian intelligence operatives. I have no doubt that Russian involvement in the presidential election was enough to change its outcome. This is, without a doubt, the equivalent or far more then Nixon’s Watergate.

The unthinkable is happening. What now?

The United States is poised to round up and deport as many as 11 million hard-working, tax-paying, property-owning, and child-rearing immigrants who happen to be undocumented. Before the election, I was told I was fear-mongering. Candidate Donald Trump would never do such a thing. He was just campaigning, not governing. The Republicans would never allow it. They would lose their foothold on Hispanic voters. Agribusiness would object. Who’d to pick the crops? Rural towns would resist. Deportation would decimate their tax bases. Well, it is happening.