The Kavanaugh battle is not about sexual harrassment

Many people on both sides of the aisle are amazed by the virulent passions being stirred by the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. They shouldn’t be. In fact, given the stakes, it is surprisingly civil. This battle is not about sexual harassment, binge drinking, judicial qualifications or the #MeToo movement. It is about raw power. It is about who makes policy: elected representatives or power-hungry judges and bureaucrats.

Civics 101: Public trust requires Supreme Court justices who speak truth under oath

The White House announced that only four people, none of them former classmates who have contradicted Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony, have been interviewed by the FBI. In addition to the four people whom the White House named, the following individuals must also be interviewed in order to ascertain if Brett Kavanaugh perjured himself when he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27:…

More methane from Bizarro President

What do Americans want? Is it a good five-cent cigar or a chicken in every pot? More cowbell? Hard to say, but what we’re going to get, courtesy of our Bizarro President, is more methane. Whoopee, extra methane! Tell the children and grandchildren. You remember Bizarro Superman from DC Comics. He was the polar opposite of the Man of Steel. Superman was good; his breath was super cold; and his X-ray vision could see through anything but lead. Conversely, his Bizarro mirror image was bad —with hot breath and X-Ray vision that could only see through lead.
President Biazarro, in his administration’s fourth major rollback of environmental regulations this year, is making it easier for oil and gas drillers on federal and tribal land to let methane escape into the warming air we breath.

Trump’s instant injury to the Puerto Rican soul

I would like to stay calm but I can’t. I can stay silent, but I must not. In light of the predicted devastation that Hurricane Florence may bring to the Carolinas, President Donald Trump’s fingers have once again taken a life of their own on Twiyter.  He has attempted to create an alternative reality.  People who do not know the facts about Hurricane María and Puerto Rico may be ready to accept them.
I won´t.  He is a demagogue.

Trump batting average — good in any league

One of your other readers recently opined the true test of the Trump administration is how much it can deliver; and, the reader proposed a .333 batting average is good in any league. He concluded, however, it is hard to find out what the administration has actually accomplished. I agree. Within the pervading atmosphere of negative coverage and commentary, it is often difficult to see what the administration has accomplished. So here’s a partial list of how well Trump has delivered so far…

How little we expect of our representatives

A good politician avoids talking about subjects that are uncomfortable. Connecticut has five U.S. representatives and two U.S. senators. All are Democrats for now. The one existential threat to the survival of Connecticut is its $70 billion in unfunded pension and health-care benefits to existing and past state employees. It seems to me that the seven Congressional representatives all have it easy as they get a pass on having any concrete plan to address the biggest threat to health care, employment, schools, trains, roads, bridges, municipal aid, parks and the environment in Connecticut and the future of the state. So if our congressional representatives can get a pass and can continue to evade this existential threat of $70 billion in unfunded obligations, I believe we can at least ask, what else are they doing? Are they protecting American interests and human rights in this hemisphere? I am afraid the record is thin.

A Trump Administration progress report

Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration I thought that the true test of the Trump administration will be on how much it could deliver. If President Trump could just deliver on a third of his promises, it would be a successful presidency. Batting .333 is good in any league. I hoped that commentators would begin to focus on what the Trump administration actually does, and not what Donald Trump had done in his past or what they fear he will do in the future. Little did I realize how hard it would be to find out what the Trump administration has actually accomplished.

What our congressional representatives are doing — or not

I believe Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters in Connecticut are so transfixed by the looming $70 billion in unfunded pension and health care benefits for present and past state employees that we don’t focus enough on the job being done — or not done — by our congressional delegation. But in my opinion our federal representatives seem to get a pass, as we don’t ask them about international issues.

Thanks, Mr. President, for the lobster!

The economy has improved since President Trump has taken office. Black unemployment is the lowest ever, Hispanic unemployment is the lowest in decades.  The growth of the economy which is measured by GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is 4.1 percent the highest it has been in several years. All of these economic indicators nationally are directly affecting the Connecticut economy in a positive way.

The Bells of Balangiga are going home!

The Bells of Balangiga are going home!** The announcement by Secretary of Defense Mattis about the bells last Friday, on the eve of the last weekend before the most exciting statewide primary elections in some time, was overshadowed by last minute local campaign media blitz and political punditry.
All across Connecticut, chances are you never heard or read about this news, and if you saw it, you probably could have cared even less about it.

Connecticut should not help Trump undermine the Affordable Care Act

Short-term healthcare plans aren’t fundamentally effective for Connecticut families, and medical insurance now has become a burden to society. I have grave concerns about the Trump administration’s new rules regarding healthcare insurance, which allow the sale of cheaper health care plans on the market. These plans are originally intended only for short-term use.

All those opposed to mother’s milk…

In the tornado-like news cycle under President TwitterDee (aka TwitterDum), telling issues have a shorter lifespan than mayflies, one OMG moment is quickly eclipsed by next, ad nauseam, whether it’s about the leader of the free world cozying up to Vlad the Impaler or a porn star. One wonders how many TwitterDee devotees are opposed to mother’s milk. His administration is.