The partisan pity parties need to stop

Our state representatives and senators are supposed to represent our best interests, and advocate for what their communities need to thrive and prosper. But lately, I’ve seen our state leaders play a partisan blame game, crying foul when one party doesn’t invite them to a press conference, or claiming they don’t know anything about bills that their own party peers are cosponsoring. This. Has. To. Stop.

Dominion spokesman: Bill will result in lower energy prices

Connecticut has the highest retail electricity prices in the nation, but a proposed law working its way through the legislature this session will help change that. Among other things, the bill would allow Dominion Resources, the owners of the Millstone nuclear power station in Waterford, to sell its carbon-free power directly to customers through their utility company. Under the existing system, power from Millstone is sold first into regional wholesale energy markets before it makes its way to your home. The proposed law, which has wide bipartisan support in the legislature, eliminates the middleman and will lower prices by getting power directly to you the end user.

What Metro-North can learn from Amtrak

Enjoying a speedy (148 mph) ride to Boston recently on Acela, I started thinking about the differences between Amtrak and Metro-North. Both are railroads, but each has a different mission. Still, there are a few things Metro-North could learn from its national counterpart.

Make no mistake, Dominion’s electric rate plan would boost rates

Dominion Resources Inc. is trying to convince us that Connecticut ratepayers will somehow save money by paying higher prices for the power Millstone provides to the electrical grid. In his March 7 letter, a spokesman for the private company that owns the Millstone Nuclear plant takes various steps to hide an obvious fact: Dominion is seeking higher selling prices for the power they produce, higher prices that will ultimately come out of ratepayer pockets.

Justifiable anger over gun permit fee hike — unjustifiable reasoning

Connecticut handgun owners are peeved, and even opponents of handgun ownership can understand why. Gov. Dannel Malloy wants to raise the price of pistol permits from $75 to $300. It’s a universal law that people don’t want to pay more than they believe they should. Paying more feels bad. All of us can sympathize. But that’s where the sympathy should end. Raising the cost of pistol permits is not backdoor gun control.

Connecticut schools must illuminate history’s ‘big story’

Since 2013 the C3 Common Core has changed the way social studies is taught in our public schools. This has done irreparable harm to students understanding history’s “Big Story.” Fortunately, the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and authors of the C3 have done a complete reversal of their earlier position regarding national standards. This month in Education World the NCSS surprisingly endorses National Standards in U.S. history, civics and government, geography, and economics.

‘TrumpCare’ breaks fundamental promises to Trump’s own supporters

“We’re going to have insurance for everybody.” That’s what President Trump promised less than two months ago. Unfortunately, with the release of the long-awaited TrumpCare plan, it has become clear that the president lied to us. Worse, this proposal will hurt most the millions of our fellow Americans who made clear by supporting Trump’s campaign that they felt left behind.

Connecticut’s independent living centers save money

Thousands of individuals across Connecticut turn to the state’s Independent Living Centers each year for services that provide living skills and support their access to housing, employment, health insurance and medical care. We urge the General Assembly to renew its support for independent living centers, because providing services that help individuals with disabilities live their lives and be contributing members of our society is good for those individuals and good for our community.

Sen. Blumenthal’s hypocrisy is stunning

Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s call for a special prosecutor to investigate connections between President Donald Trump and the Russian government is a wonderful display of how two-faced and highly partisan our elected senator really is.