NARAL attack on CT pregnancy centers unwarranted and wrong

ABC Women’s Center, a non-profit organization in Middletown offering free support services to women facing unplanned pregnancies, has this response to a report released by NARAL Pro Choice CT entitled, “The Right To Lie.” The report is part of a nationwide strategy by abortion advocacy groups to harm the reputation of those charitable entities providing critical pregnancy support services in communities across the state. As part of Care Net, a national pregnancy center affiliation organization, ABC Women’s Center complies with an industry set of standards called ‘The Commitment of Care and Competence’ which ensures that every client is treated with respect and compassion.

Crisis pregnancy centers should be accountable for lies, misinformation

Connecticut has long been a national leader in reproductive rights, yet as long as so-called crisis pregnancy centers are allowed to operate without oversight or regulation, dispensing lies and misinformation, they threaten all the progress we’ve made. The right to have an abortion means little when these centers are falsely telling women the procedure is dangerous or deadly. Now that we have clear evidence that these centers lie about medical information while posing as real providers, we have an obligation to hold them accountable for their actions. Connecticut women deserve medically accurate, unbiased healthcare, and they deserve better than CPCs.

A Connecticut father reflects on reproductive choice

I had an abortion. Well, not exactly. But in supporting my then-girlfriend in her decision to end her pregnancy – using mifepristone and misoprostol, which make possible a “medical abortion” – I shared responsibility and the relief this option brought us. Men are free-riders, insulated from criticism of abortion. Men are also among the most vocal critics, denouncing women for controlling their own bodies. Yet men, too, benefit from choice – from women’s ability to decide whether to carry a pregnancy to term.