CT a leader in Medicaid dental care, but room for improvement

Medicaid’s mandated Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment provision, along with proven innovations in adult programs in forward-looking states like Connecticut, have proven that we can put good oral health within reach of the most vulnerable. The state of dental care in Medicaid is far from perfect, but it has worked for millions and can work for millions more. We should celebrate the program on its 50th birthday and commit to doubling down on dental care.

Connecticut’s ACA experience underscores correctness of Supreme Court’s ruling

The Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health), applauds the Supreme Court’s historic ruling Thursday upholding the availability of tax credits that make health insurance more affordable to everyone who meets the eligibility criteria through the Affordable Care Act. The decision means that as in Connecticut, millions of people in all states and in all types of health insurance marketplaces will be able to afford their health insurance because they can count on federal financial assistance.

Preserve Connecticut’s Medicaid funding

As the countdown begins to the Feb. 18 release of the state budget by Gov. Dannel Malloy, the health and well-being of our Medicaid patients and the future sustainability of the Medicaid program lie in the balance.