Op-ed: Return power and control to towns and cities

I think virtually every town/city in this country relies too heavily on grants — it’s a huge problem that contributes to our fiscal woes at all levels of government. But this is a system of our own creation that we have let fester and grow out of control.

Op-ed: Connecticut’s taxing dilemma

When a state relies excessively on local property taxes to fund governmental services, as does Connecticut, it’s reasonable to begin working to fix what House Speaker Brendan Sharkey has termed a “broken” tax system.

Op-ed: Thank you, CT Mirror

The CT Mirror is…an extraordinarily important – and these days essential – source of information about what’s going on in our state, and in the nation and world.

Op-ed: Flawed at the core

Connecticut should create new national standards, in an open and transparent way, written by those who know how to teach, with the goal of developing students’ minds and promoting their achievement as complex thinkers and motivated learners.