CCM: Connecticut budget’s devilish details tarnish final result

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities strongly supports legislative efforts to reduce property tax reliance. We are appreciative that Gov. Dannel Malloy and legislative leaders have demonstrated their commitment toward finally addressing this outdated and overly burdensome tax system. The story, however, does not end there. Lost in the debate are details of significance to our local communities.

Address Connecticut’s spending problem, not the automobile tax law

Senate Democrats are proposing to create a new level of government that would absorb a portion of local taxes to be allocated to other cities or towns. The bill would take money away from the towns that have it, and give it to the towns that need it based on their population numbers and property values. Instead, we should be reevaluating the government’s spending problem, which has been ignored for years.

Op-ed: Connecticut’s taxing dilemma

When a state relies excessively on local property taxes to fund governmental services, as does Connecticut, it’s reasonable to begin working to fix what House Speaker Brendan Sharkey has termed a “broken” tax system.