A day to stop, remember… and ask an important question

I took this photo with my Instamatic on Oct. 15, 1969. I was in Hartford at the anti-war demonstration known as the Vietnam Moratorium. That day, 90,000 peoples joined protests around Connecticut to stop what they were doing and concentrate on the enormous costs of the U.S. war in Southeast Asia. There was no business as usual that day, for millions of people around the country.

Connecticut legislators should support Vietnam Blue Water Navy veterans

A resolution has been proposed by State Rep. Theresa Conroy and State Sen. Catherine Osten to support the “Vietnam Blue Water Navy” in its fight to regain health and compensation benefits unjustly stripped from them in 2002. On Feb. 5 the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs once again betrayed the Vietnam Blue Water Veterans by declaring all bays and harbors in Vietnam offshore waters. That means that sailors who served in those ports which previously were considered inland waters will no longer be presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange. In essence they have decided to possibly kill off another 10,000 Vietnam veterans.